So, who is Duuk?

I am Duuk and I want to bring humanity back into technology. With a background in Creative Technology and a focus on Philosophy of Technology I try to uncover the human aspect in emerging technologies. My interests in innovative and emerging technologies resulted different varying projects: organising a symposium, designing street-lighting, investigating bio-technology, to the Foundation of Responsible Robotics.

Being inter-disciplinary trained I try to bridge all aspects of technological development in my projects, from technology to the human.

See some of my projects below

Who really shapes our bioengineered future?

Biopolitics is a journalistic journey to find the politics that shape biotechnology. Current technological advances approach the design of life itself. Implications seem profound; from victim-free meat to designer babies. So how is decided what research to fund? For whom are these biotechnologies developed? Is biotechnology democratic? In sum, who really shapes our bioengineered future?

ModuSol, a streetlighting
solution for the Light Challenge 2013

We developed a streetlighting prototype for the municipality of Almelo. The end result was modular, pedestrian focussed and energy efficient.


Let me know if you are interested in my input, or in working together.